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What Others Are Saying About The Best-Half™

“The Best-Half] has already made me change things. I am reassessing my priorities and revisiting my goals and recommitting to them.”

“The Best-Half is all about legacy. ‘Who are you?’ And bringing the person you really are into all aspects of your life, including at work. I think the corporation would benefit the most from this program.”

“The process is challenges one’s mind to explore, then requires focus – it is participatory and it’s engaging.”

“It was a great experience, a complete affirmation of where I am and what I am doing.”

“This is the beginning of a new phase in our life. 29 years ago we went through a marriage preparation course. This was a preparation course for the future”
Patrick Crowley, former CFO Canada Life

“I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the high quality of the experience and the positive, tangible outcomes I took away. We found the day to be introspective without being uncomfortable; the work proceeded at a good pace without being rushed. Although all participants in the day appeared to get a great deal of benefit, it was particularly beneficial for me that my husband and I both took part. The experience led to five critical insights for my husband and me in regard to how we need to shape our own “Best-Half” moving forward. The strategic action planning component enabled us to start moving on some of those insights immediately. I can recommend the Best-Half to clients, friends and family without reservation. It’s a wonderful way to refocus ones life on how to craft a fulfilling future.”
Christy Pettit, COO Eagle’s Flight

The Best Half brought clarity and value to my passions, to my potential and to my contribution to the many communities of which I am part. As a result, it created a clearing for me to be open to possibilities, to see the unexpected as opportunities and to nurture my desire for continued learning, growth and contribution.
Irene Pasel, VP Patient Services, Chief Nursing Executive, Guelph General Hospital

“I thought the strength of the Best-Half was the clarity by which the concepts were presented. In the short term the Best-Half has made me consider different career changes. I am reassessing my priorities and revisiting my goals and recommitting to them.”
Lea Chambers, former director After Work, AGF



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